Anselm Kiefer: Il Mistero delle Cattedrali, White Cube, Bermondsey

Written for Frieze Writters Prize 2012 In Il Mistero delle Cattedrali Kiefer appears to be returning to themes of fascist endgames, architectural ruins, cultural dead ends and cryptic mythologies. His recent existentialist new age ponderings of man placed within the awesomeness of nature are far less interesting than this show’s comments on culture and politics… Continue Reading

The Tale of Billy Askim

The Tale of Billy Askim

Back when I was a Glasgow skater there was a guy we looked up to. His name was Billy and we didn’t know his second name, so someone named him Askim (as in ask him his second name). The guy was a dude, always mysteriously turning up and upstaging the other skaters. There was one… Continue Reading

What is lost or gained in my digital cupboard?

There is some sort of obsession in mainstream media for iPhone apps and that finger ache and eye strain inducing device the iPad. They have completely missed the point, people aren’t going to pay for content or consume it in the way they were. People are becoming more flippant. I predict mass understanding of the… Continue Reading

What my digital cupboard and why I can’t see any other future

How has my relationship to media changed with constant access online and can I now throw out all my stuff? photo By Keith Williamson This relationship to media has changed in a manner which I could never have predicted happening so soon. There were so much utopian talk when the Internet first hit home in 1998 (I… Continue Reading

Publishing from an iphone

Thought it good to try out this new iPhone wordpress app. Seems ok not much different from the old one to tell you the truth. It’s meant to do video, it can’t but pictures are easy. Continue Reading


Designer and Visual-Editor of AIR magazine, a community based literary and arts magazine and website Description: Voluntary work that involved working with a team in co-editing, and publishing seven issues of the magazine with Colin Campbell from 1998 to 2003 Designed Quark template for publication, used email to gather material and manage contributions from Scotland… Continue Reading

Mogwai website

Website for the internationally renowned band Mogwai from Scotland. I developed designs from Duncan Macdonald using various database elements and carefully constructed HTML and CSS code. This site was meant to enable the band and managers to more effectively upload content to the web. It also required a migration of servers and content from another… Continue Reading

Creative video podcasts

If you are coming from Creative Cow Podcast, then hello. I was involved creating these podcasts from 2007 to 2009 but I am a bit too busy to do now. I produced them for people to be able to more easily understand some of the most fundamental concepts and also more obscure aspects of video… Continue Reading

The Contemporary Fine Art Eton Website

Completed a very interesting gallery website for Nicholas Pritchard at the Contemporary Fine Art Gallery Eton. Featuring an innovative approach to accessible galleries I think this is something special from myself. Got to give a massive thanks to Terry Riley, a hugely patient and talented PHP programmer. If you want to find out more please… Continue Reading